To Understand House Music, One Must Be Fearless

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Have you ever gone to a club or party and wondered what joyous experience you just shared with a complete stranger on the middle of a dance floor with a beautiful Chicago House music-driven backdrop?  Human beings are social – engaging in music is our necessary relief from monotony.  Helping to combat that monotony are Fearless Radio host DJ Ozmosis, co-host DJ Mad, and event coordinator Sweet P, who work together every Wednesday night from 7-10 PM to bring the city of Chicago the freshest DJs and the newest in house music streamed live from their West Loop studio.

According to its website, Fearless Radio is “a world-wide, Chicago based internet radio station.” was founded in the summer of 2004 by Patrick Oliver.  The online radio station began as an experiment using technology and live broadcasting. The vision for Fearless is to bring independent artists closer to their audience on a daily basis.  The Fearless House show engages with listeners every Wednesday night live to try to bring the latest in house music.  The station gives DJs a voice that allows the Chicago house audience to experience more variety in the nightlife scene.

Live on Fearless House Radio

DJ Ozmosis DJs every Wednesday Night on Fearless House Radio

DJ Ozmosis (a.k.a Oscar Garcia) has been DJing with Fearless Radio for two years.  He started learning about house music ten years ago from his older brothers, one of which attended UIC.  Ozmosis and his brothers started out with mix-tapes from harder House such as Bad Boy Bill, Derek Carter, progressive house, Latin house and Chicago’s very own jack-n house music.  After buying their own turntables, they started doing most of their vinyl research at Gramaphone Records, located on Clark St. in Chicago.

According to DJ Ozmosis, “DJs live double lives; it’s like being a super hero.”  DJs tend to have many employers and are highly active with social media in order to remain new and fresh.  “DJing is all about researching [new music],” says  Ozmosis,  who graduated from the International Academy of Design & Technology with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Education is an important part of being a DJ because it helps them advance and perfect their skills to get ahead in the competitive industry. During the day, Ozmosis works his as a Program Assistant for special education at an elementary school in Cicero, Chicago.  At night, he puts his “cape” on and researches, spins, and experiments with new music for his show, Fearless House Radio.

As a recent student and a current educator, Ozmosis has learned to develop his online communication skills, which has benefited his “night job” as well. The internet has become a great networking tool for DJs.  “Because of the internet, DJing has become both easier to reach fans and harder because of event planning; this can segregate the fan base.”  There are so many DJs in the business that it is harder to get so many good DJs all at one event.

Fearless House Radio stays up to date on DJs and upcoming events in Chicago.  They focus on bringing House Heads closer together with the best DJs and freshest house music, and their fans know that house music events are guaranteed great times.  The station is a great source for Chicagoans to use when it comes to finding the latest and best in house music.  Check out Fearless House Radio every Wednesday with DJ Ozmosis, DJ Mad, and Sweet P to support local talent and to try something a little different.

Click here to see a video featuring Fearless House DJs

Isaura Salinas

Fearless Radio is also available on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter!


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